Firefly Luminescence Reaction Revealed Pesticide Contamination


A luminescence reaction that is modeled on the fireflies can possibly detect the contamination with the organophosphates along with the high sensitivity, low cost and ease, and at the center of this technology has been a new enzymatic method for the synthesis of the analogues of the Luciferin, which is a substance that is making the fireflies glow.

According to the reports by a team of researchers, it can also be used in the field. The widespread use of the toxic Ops (organophosphate phosphate pesticides) has been very a serious global environmental and health problem.

The concerns have been acute, has been often very fatal that is poisoning the cases in the agriculture, which particularly in the developing countries and also the residues of the toxic pesticides that has been accumulating in the freshwater reservoirs and food chains where that might be sintigating Alzheimer’s, cancer and diabetes.

The researchers has been led by the Pimchai Chaiyen that is actually started with a new enzymatic cascade reaction for the synthesis of the Luciferin analogues from the phenolic compounds, which they are calling the HELP reaction.

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This conventional detection by the large spectrometry has been a complex, along with the expensive and is not suitable for using in the poor countries and also in the remote areas, and the test kits have usually been not sensitive and are not reliable. A team from Japan and Thailand has now developed an inexpensive, along with the test that has been detecting the Ops directly in the biological and foods samples along with the high specificity and is extremely sensitive without the preparation of the sample.


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