Advertisement Deal of Facebook and Google To Be Investigated by UK and European Union


The antitrust authorities of the United Kingdom and European Union have now launched some investigations into an online display advertising deal between Facebook and Google made in the year 2018, which has been adding to a long list of the challenges of the regulatory faced by the technology companies of the United Kingdom.

Both the companies including Facebook and Google has been defending the Jedi Blue deal, which the European Union said that, it might be thwarting the advertising technology competitors and also disadvantage to the publishers in the process of online display advertising.

The deal has been allowing the publishers like the news providers for the purpose of offering space of advertising to the multiple exchanges and the networks simultaneously, along with potentially generating more amount of revenue. The agreement of Jedi Blue has been enabling the company ‘Meta’ through the company’s Meta Audience Network for participating in the Open Bidding programme of Google, which has been a competitor to the header bidding.

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Margrethe Vestager, antitrust chief of the European Union said that, a competing technology to the Open Bidding of Google might have been targeted with the aim for weakening it and also removing it from the advertising market for the purpose of displaying the advertisements on the apps and websites of the publishers.

The deal has been a pro-competitive and publicly documented agreement, which is enabling the Facebook Audience Network for participating in the Open Bidding program of Google along with several other companies.

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