UK Planning to Send Anti-Aircraft Missiles and Weapons to Ukraine


United Kingdom has been planning to supply the anti-aircraft weapons along with a small consignment of the Javelin anti-tank missiles to the country of Ukraine as the army of Russia is closing in on Kyiv to the east of the country as said by Ben Wallace, defence secretary of the United Kingdom.

Ben Wallace also said that, United Kingdom is also going to continue for supplying the NLAW anti-tank and short-range weapons to Ukraine and had already given 3,615 portable missile systems that are around double the figure that has been previously disclosed.

Ben Wallace also said that, Ukraine has already received 900 anti-air man-portable missiles along with a reference to the Stingers that has been supplied by the other countries of NATO but the country is desperately seeking more weapons as the forces of Russia has attempted for encircling Kyiv.

Ben Wallace also said that, the capability still needs more strength and hence in the response to the requests of Ukraine, the government of the United Kingdom has now taken a decision for exploring the donation of the Starstreak anti-air, man-portable and high-velocity missiles.

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In the response to the question from the members of parliament to how long the decision of the supply is going to be taking, and they are in the principle going to do it, and he has also acknowledged the soldiers of Ukraine is going to be trained in how to use the missiles while fighting against the Russian forces.


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