Amwell and LG Electronics Partnered on Digital Health Innovation


The LG Electronics and Amwell, a telehealth company have now joined the forces for the purpose of expanding the boundaries of the virtual care, and by the combination of the broad innovation portfolio with the deep digital healthcare experience of Amwell, both the companies are now planning to jointly develop the new service solutions based on the device that are designed for making it more easier for the patients for accessing the care whether the patients are in the hospital or at home.

This new partnership has been representing a main part of the strategic vision of the LG Electronics for the purpose of creating the new products and services for the next generation that has been contributing to a positive society and also for making the life better.

Along with a shared goal for the purpose of improving the patient care and the this technology partnership is going to be focusing on the development of the new digital services and solutions of healthcare that has been starting with the care in the hospital in the United States, where LG Electronics has been the leading provider of the smart TVs for the rooms of the patients.

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LG is also going to be developing a healthcare platform for the purpose of hosting the services from the digital health platform of Amwell known as ‘Converge’, and it has been an integrated and third-party services, along with leveraging the peripheral technologies and devices of LG.

Swati Jaiswal

Editor/Content Writer