Pfizer CEO, Company to Submit 4th Covid-19 Vaccine Shot to US FDA

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Albert Bourla, chief executive officer of Pfizer said, the company is soon going to be submitting the data to the regulators of the United States on a fourth dose of the novel corona virus vaccine.

He also said that, the new data from the different studies of the corona virus including the one focusing at the effects of fourth dose of the covid-19 vaccine currently available and also a new formulation that is going to protect against the multiple variants of covid-19.

The CEO of Pfizer said, the data is looking very encouraging, and balancing the power will still need to collect more information, and the concerns of the novel corona virus pandemic have been abating as the increase in the Omicron variant in the cases had been fading over the previous weeks, and the ability of the novel corona virus for mutation has been suggesting that more covid-19 vaccines and the boosters are also going to be needed for the controlling the future variants.

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The company is also going to be approaching the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States along with the data on the fourth dose of the novel corona virus vaccine that might be helpful for restoring the immunity and the vaccine shots had also been developed in a collaboration with the company ‘BioNTech’ based in Germany.

Swati Jaiswal

Editor/Content Writer