US CDC, Over 90% of People in US Can Ditch Face Masks


On Thursday, 4th March 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States said, over 90 percent of the people of the United States in the area where they are no longer needing to wear the facemasks.

The US CDC has also issued a new guidance that has been focusing on the serious disease from the novel corona virus and the hospitalizations when they have been making the recommendations on whether the facemasks are going to be needed or not.

This guidance from the US CDC has been broken into the three colour coded levels, and the people living in the green and yellow counties along with the covid-19 levels of medium and low respectively will not need to wear face masks. Although, the people in the yellow counties, who are at the high risk of the serious illness from the novel corona virus should possibly be consulting with physician regarding whether the people should wear a facemask or take some other precautions.

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The people in the country are still required by the federal law for wearing the facemasks in the public transportation including trains, planes and server other modes, and the requirement of facemask for the planes has been expiring on 18th March 2022, and the officials of the US CDC said that, they have been reviewing whether the requirement is still necessary or not.


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