Coca-Cola Launches Innovation Platform Called ‘Coca Cola Creations’


The company ‘Coca Cola’ is now all set to debut a plethora of the limited edition launches, which has also been including a new version of the coke drink known as ‘Starlight’ that is inspired by the infinite possibilities of the space.

The first Coca Cola starlight is now launched in the region of North America on 21st February 2022 along with the launch in the United Kingdom that is all set for following over the upcoming months.

The company has also announced a partnership with Ava Max, a pop star in a bid for the purpose of promoting the launch and also fronting a augmented reality and digital campaign.

This news has come after the company has created a new global innovation platform called as Coca-Cola Creations through which, the company is going to be launching a range of the limited edition products that has been inspired by the cues of different cultures.

Oana Vlad, senior director of global brand strategy at the Coca Cola company said that, the experimenting with such kind of an iconic brand requiring a big leap of the faith, and they are also having a flavour houses working with the design agencies and they are now having scientists working with the creative people.

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They have now started on this journey by exactly not knowing where it would possibly end and that had been okay because they are now wanting to push themselves for doing things in a different way for the iterating and for innovation with the speed.


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