Wacker Biotech and Actym Therapeutics Partner for Treatment of Solid Tumors

Biotechnology Business

Actym Therapeutics, a biotechnology company focusing on the development and discovery of the novel therapies and Wacker Biotech has announced that, they have signed a contract for the process of manufacturing of the ACTM-838, a leading clinical candidate of Actym for the purpose of treating the solid tumors.

Under the terms of the partnership or agreement, the company ‘Wacker Biotech’ is going to be initiating the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) production of the Phase 1 clinical material of the therapeutic candidate of Actym by using the LIBATEC technology at the site of the company in Amsterdam.

Both the companies has also announced that, they have already been working closely together on the initiation and transfer of the technology for scaling-up the production of the ACTM-838.

The ACTM-838 has been the lead clinical development candidate for the treatment of the solid tumors, and this therapeutic candidate has been based on the immunotherapy platform of the company called as S. Typhimurium-attenuated Cancer Therapy (STACT), that has been delivering the active compounds directly to the immunity cells.

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Christopher Thanos, chief executive officer and president of Actym said, the production of the ACTM-838 has been an important milestone for their company, and they are now very excited for working with the company ‘Wacker Biotech’ based on their significant experience manufacturing, along with the long microbial products in a closed system for the production.

Swati Jaiswal

Editor/Content Writer