BMW and Google Partnered to Provide Augmented Reality Tech for iX and i4 EVs

Automobile Technology

The automobile company ‘BMW’ has now partnered with Google Cloud for the purpose of giving the customers interested in purchasing the electric vehicles like the models BMW i4 and iX, which has been an immersive experience through the augmented reality, and this functionality is going to be helping the users for digitally placing the electric vehicles in the scenarios of the real world.

This function has been designed for the purpose of keeping up with the technologies that are available in the models of the BMW i4 and BMW iX, and the company ‘BMW’ is also going to be using augmented reality technology of Google Cloud for the purpose of creating the models in the photorealistic detail so that, the interested customers can possibly look into every detail of all these electric cars.

Google Cloud has also used the leading computing technology has been using millions of the polygons for the purpose of rendering all these electric vehicles giving the feel of the real thing on the virtual basis, and the customers can also choose the colour that, the users are wishing to have on the models of the company, and apart from these, the users can possibly adjust the lighting and also opening and closing the doors of the cars.

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Albi Pagenstert, head of brand communications and strategy at BMW North America said, Google has created a technique that is going to help most of the people who has been wanting to explore all these electric vehicles through the process.

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