US EPA Renew Its Effort For Protecting Endangered Species For Harmful Pesticides


The Environmental Protection Agency of the United States has been sued by the Center for Biological Diversity because of approving 300 pyrethroid insecticides for the previous 6 years without considering the harmful effects of the pesticides to the endangered species.

Such kind of lawsuits are not new for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the environmental groups has now sued the agency for decades for failing to comply with the ESA (Endangered Species Act) when approving the harmful pesticides for use, and this new law has also been requiring the EPA for the consultation with several other federal agencies of the United States when a particular pesticide is having potential for harming the endangered species.

The pesticides producing companies have been tired of the uncertainty of not knowing whether the courts in the United States are going to be imposing the restrictions on the products, and the farmers also want assurance that, they are going to be allowed for using the products of pest control which they are planning to use.

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is also seem to be taking the issue very seriously, and in the month of June 2021, the agency has also appointed a lawyer, who is having experience in the conservation of the endangered species and chemical regulation. The EPA has also been walking on a fine line between the protection of the endangered species and giving tools to the users of pesticides for controlling the pests on the food and several other crops in the country.


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