USDA To Provide $215-Million To Enhance Food Supply Chain in US

Agriculture Business

Tom Vilsack, secretary of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that, the USDA has been making available for around 215 million dollars in the grants along with other support for the purpose of expanding the poultry and meat processing options along with strengthening the food supply chain and also creating the jobs and economic opportunities in the rural areas.

The increase competition in the poultry and meat processing for the purpose of making the agricultural markets more accessible, along with competitive, fair, and resilient for the ranchers and farmers of the United States. Tom Vilsack said, for too long, the processors and ranchers have now seen the value and the opportunities for which they have been working so hard for the purpose of creating to move away from the rural communities where they can possibly leave and operate.

He also said that, under the leadership of the Joe Biden, president of the United States, the USDA has now committed for making the investments in supporting the economic systems where the wealth has now been created in the rural areas along with the stays in those areas.

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The funding, which they had been announcing is ultimately going to help them to give the farmers and the ranchers a fair chance and also strengthening the supply chains while developing the options for delivering the food that has been produced more close to home for the families.


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