AstraZeneca to Supply Additional 1-Million Doses of EVUSHELD to US

Biotechnology Healthcare

The company ‘AstraZenca’ has announced that, the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States has now finalized the agreement of the company for the purpose of purchasing additional one million doses of the EVUSHELD, which is an antibody combination for the prevention of the novel corona virus in the people that are compromised by the immune system.

The agreement has been including the 500,000 purchase of the additional doses that have been announced by the government of the United States and also following the initial agreement of the US government for purchasing around 700,000 doses of the EVUSHELD that are already being administered at the sites across the United States with a total of around 1.7 million doses of the vaccine.

The government of the United States has also been indicating that, it is planning to distribute these additional doses to the territories and states in the country at no cost.

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Ruud Dobber, president and executive vice president of BioPharmaceuticals Business Unit at AstraZeneca said, with the help of the continuing cases of the novel corona virus across the United States and because of the Omicron covid-19 variant there had remain a critical need for the purpose of providing the additional protection to the weak immunity patients that are most vulnerable to the novel corona virus.

He also said that, they are very proud for continuing to play a leading role in the fight against the novel corona virus with the EVUSHELD.

Swati Jaiswal

Editor/Content Writer