Google Removes Covid-19 Vaccine Rules for Office Workers in US

Healthcare Technology

The company ‘Google’ said, the company has removed the corona virus vaccine mandate in the month of January 2022 as a condition of the employment, and the company has previously announced a vaccine mandate in the United States for the in-office employees in the month of July 2022 amid the rapid spread of the Delta corona virus variant, and the company had then told the employees whether they are in office or working remotely for getting vaccinated or they might lose their jobs.

A spokesperson for Google, said that, the company has dropped the requirement of the corona virus vaccination in the month of January 2022, that has happened for coinciding with the Supreme Court of the United States striking down the vaccine mandate of Joe Biden for the large companies.

But, the company ‘Google’ is going to be continuing to require the staff for being vaccinated or having an exemption for entering in an office, and the company also said that, they are not enforcing the requirements of covid-19 vaccination as a condition of the employment for the office workers in the United States at this time, and they are going to continue to implement their vaccination policy requiring the vaccinations.

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David Radcliffe, vice president of the workplace services and real estate at Google said, in the email sent to the employees that, they can possibly expect the reopened fitness centers along with the social spaces, along with the other things.

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