Apple to Add New English Siri Voice Support for Its iOS 15.4


Siri is now having four English Voices of the American accent, but in the iOS 15.4 system, the company ‘Apple’ is going to be introducing a fifth Siri coice, and according to the reports, this new voice has been intending for giving an alternative that is gender neutral for the very first time.

In the current beta edition of company’s iOS, the voice has been branded as Voice 5 in the panel of Settings, although, the reports also said, the company has now revealed that, the voice has been made up of the recording that are made by the member of the LGBTQ+ community, and the developer has also shared a sample of the voice.

A female voice had also been intended for most of the time since Siri has become an important iPhone feature in the year 2011, and in the year 2021, the company ‘Apple’ has now altered the setup of iPhone for the purpose of offering the user for choosing a female or male voice when the phone had been turned on initially with no default choice.

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The company ‘Apple’ said, they have now been thrilled for the purpose of offering a new Siri voice for the speakers in English, along with expanding the number of the voices that are available for the users because of the millions of the individuals that are using Siri every day for the purpose of helping them to get the things done and they are also striving for making the experience more customized.

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