UK Queen Tests Positive for Covid-19 Virus


The Buckingham Palace said, Queen Elizabeth II has now been tested positive for the novel corona virus and she is experiencing mild and cold symptoms. On Sunday, Queen Elizabeth II has also tested positive for the corona virus and the Buckingham also added that, she is still planning for carrying on the work, and the diagnosis has also prompted the concern and also getting the well wishes across the political spectrum of the United Kingdom.

The longest-reigning monarch of the United Kingdom and fixture in the life of the country, and the queen has also reached the milestone of around 70 years on the throne on 6th February 2022, and the Buckingham palace said, the people, who had been fully vaccinated and also had a booster vaccine shot will be continuing with their duties at the Windsor Castle over the upcoming week.

The palace also said that, she is going to be continuing to receive the medical attention and it is going to be following all the guidelines appropriately. The people of the United Kingdom, who have been tested positive for the corona virus and they are now required for self-quarantining themselves for around five days even though the government of the United States said, it has been planning to remove that requirement for the United Kingdom.

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An infectious disease expert said, the queen of the United Kingdom is likely going to be given one of the many antiviral drugs that have been approved in the country for treating the novel corona virus.


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