Jaguar Land Rover and Nvidia Partnered For Introducing Autonomous Cars

Automobile Business

Jaguar Land Rover has now partnered with Nvidia, a software company based in the United States for the purpose of introducing the highly advanced and heightened connectivity autonomous driving functionality to all the cars that are going to be launched from the year 2025.

This new partnership means that, both the companies are going to be collaborating on the software development other than the company ‘Nvidia’ that has been supplying the technology of the company off the shelf.

The architecture of the Drive software of Nvidia is going to be integrated into the all new cars of the company ‘Jaguar and Land River, and the architecture is going to be supplying them with the next-generation automated driving systems along with services and experiences for the customers of the company enabled by the Artificial Intelligence.

Francois Dossa, strategy director of JLR said that, with the help of this partnership and sharing the knowledge with the leaders in the industry in the connected services, along with the development of the software and data has been a cornerstone of the company’s strategy and he also said that, together with Nvidia, the can now possibly accelerate their in-vehicle software, along with delivering the experiences of the modern luxury.

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He also said that, this partnership has been very important and it has also been very important thing the partnership. The cars are still going to be using the own operating system of Jaguar and Land Rover and with the Drive Hyperion of Nvidia has been sensing and computing the integrated stack.


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