Report: United Kingdom Needs 24 GW of Energy Storage For Integrating Wind Power

Power & Energy

According to a new report, the United Kingdom is going to be needing around 24 gigawatt of the long duration electricity storage (LDES) can possibly be needed for the integration of the wind energy into a secure net zero electricity system, and this has been an equivalent to around eight times the capacity that is currently installed.

The net zero strategy of the United Kingdom for the purpose of decarbonizing the power system completely by the year 20235 has been subject to the security of the supply that is being maintained.

With the production of the electricity from the gas currently has been main flexible resources that is going to available for the purpose of balancing the intermittent solar and wind energy, and the report has also found that, this target has been unachievable without the urgent investment in the alternatives of low carbon.

The long duration energy storage can provide flexible but reliable capacity that has been enabling the increased utilization of the renewables, along with the enhanced system resilience and stability, and the LDES has also been including the pumped storage and different range of the innovative and new technologies that can possibly store electricity for around four hours in order for supplying the company with fast and flexible responding energy that has been valuable for managing a system of high renewable energy.


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