Valent Biosciences Built New Biostimulant Operating Unit to Support Carbon Neutrality Goal of Sumitomo Chemicals


Valent BioSciences LLC has announced that, the company is going to be creating a new unit of operation that has been designed for the purpose of expanding the company’s biostimulant line along with the new products developed internally and externally for both the United States and global markets in the very important and rapidly increasing segment of crop production.

The new operation unit is going to be created and completely staffed over the upcoming months along with enabling the unit for becoming functional ahead of the crop season of the year 2023 in the United States market.

The Sumitomo Chemical has also announced a commitment for the purpose of achieving the carbon neutrality by the year 2050 that has been aiming to decrease the amount of the greenhouse gases that are emitted by the production activities and the business activities towards the net zero target.

This new biostimulant unit is going to be working with the partners in the process of developing, discovering and also commercializing the products of arbuscular mycorrhizai fingi (AMF).

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The AMF technology has been effectively supporting this initiative because the AMF is responsible for forming a symbolic relationship along with around 90 percent of the species of terrestrial plants that are responsible for providing several benefits that is also including the sequestration of the carbon and also improving the health of the soil and as a result of this process, the mycorrhizal fungi has also been acting as a direct air capture technology.


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