Vodafone UK Chose Oracle Technology To Support Core Of 5G Network


The Vodafone UK has now selected the Oracle Communications for the provision of the network policy management native to the cloud technology for the company standalone 5G network.

Both Vodafone UK and Oracle said that, the supply of the cloud native network policy management solution of Oracle is going to be enabling the European telecommunication company for making some more intelligent policy decisions and also testing and deploying the new services quickly, which is also including the holographic calls, along with the streaming of 5G game with nay lag tine and also the film downloads at around four times higher than the 4G networks.

Andrea Dona, chief network officer at Vodafone UK said, by moving to the cloud native has been a culture shift as much as it has been a technology shift for a telecommunications company such as Vodafone, and their partners must be demonstrating the agility and flexibility and also aligning to the vision of the company of how the technology is going to support and augmenting the digital society of tomorrow.

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Andrew Morawski, senior VP and general manager at Oracle Communications said that, the 5G network has undoubtedly been opening the door the new ways for the purpose of engaging with their world, but the intelligent policy management has been the entry way for the purpose of capitalizing on the opportunities, and the capabilities of Oracle’s 5G and cloud technology is going to help Vodafone UK for building a network that is completely automated and easier, simple and cost-effective.

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