Esaote North America Announced FDA Approval for Magnifigo Open MRI System


The company ‘Esaote North America, Inc.’ has announced the approval from the US FDA of the Magnifico Open MRI, which has been a complete body MRI system that is now available for the purchase in the United States. The Magnifico Open MRI system had been designed with the users in the mind through the feedback of the customers for the purpose of bridging the gap between the whole body imaging and traditional musculoskeletal imaging.

The Mignifico Open MRI system has been equipped with the new and advanced technologies that have been offering versatility in the imaging across different range of the clinical applications like Speed Up, Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) and True Motion.

Stephan Gibbs, MRI sales manager for Esaote North America said, the Magnifico Open MRI system has been designed for the comfort of the patients, and with the help of an open-gantry design, it has been very ideal for imaging the children, along with large and claustrophobic patients, and the compact size has been uniquely suited for the in-office clinics, hospitals and imaging centers.

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Robert Lewis, general manager and president of Esaote North America said, as the backlogs of the MRI continuing to increase, the demand for the high-performance MRI has been at an all-time high and now it has been the right time for the purpose of bringing the open MRI system to the market in the United States for helping them to ease the challenges of the scheduling.

Swati Jaiswal

Editor/Content Writer