UK: Flour Mill Owners Launched Campaign ‘Fibre February’

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The flour mill owners of the United Kingdom has launched the annual campaign known as Fibre February that is going to be driving the message that the foods based on flour have been a natural source of fibre.

In the month of February, when the people of the United Kingdom have been encourage for stopping and thinking about increasing the intake of Fibre that has been proven for being critical component in the process of improving the health of digestion and heart, along with decreasing the risk of the cardiovascular disease, obesity, colorectal cancer and type 2 diabetes.

In spite of the benefits of the fibre, the fibre gap has been a persistent challenge along with 90 percent of the adult people of the United Kingdom that are actively consuming the 24 grams to 30 grams fibre every day as recommended.

The Fibre February campaign of the mill owners of the country has also enlisted a registered nutritionist, who is going to be sharing the expertise in the making it very easy for including fibre on a daily basis. The campaign has also recruited three top influencers of social media, who are going to be creating the video content of the FAB Flour recipe.

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In the month of February, the association has been hosting a webinar for the purpose of highlighting the research that are being done by a team of the researchers for the purpose of increasing the current level of Fibre.


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