BioMADE Announced $12.1-Million to 16 Projects For Accelerating Bioindustrial Manufacturing in US


BioMADE, the Bioindustrial Manufacturing and Design Ecosystem company has now been awarding 5.8 million dollars in the federal funds to around 16 innovative projects has been aiming at the acceleration of the knowledge in the bioindustrial manufacturing, along with the capabilities and workforce in the United States.

These 16 projects is going to be leveraging an additional 6.3 million dollars in the non-federal cost share, along with providing a significant boost to the ecosystem, and by harnessing the power of the bioindustrial and biology technologies is going to be helping in creating and sourcing the produced goods that the people of the United States every day.

Douglas Friedman, chief executive officer of BioMADE said, they are extremely pleased for announcing all these project that has been representing all the areas of their mission, and these projects are going to create new bio based chemicals along with demonstrating the benefits and feasibility of the bioindustrial manufacturing and also enhancing the ability of the community of bio-manufacturing for working together along with training the workforce in the future.

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Douglas Friedman also said that, these projects are also including the partners from the large corporate industries, universities, start-ups community colleges, and also non-profit organizations and all of them are dedicated for advancing the bioindustrial manufacturing in the United States.

The partnerships that are created through the 16 projects has been highlighting how the company ‘BioMADE’ will be bringing together a growing and diverse industry for reaching the shared goals.

Swati Jaiswal

Editor/Content Writer