Scientists Invented Spinal Cord Implant That Helps Paralysed People To Walk


The scientists has now invented new spinal cord implant that can possibly enable the paralysed to walk again, and according the laboratory tests conducted on a paralysed mice had a success rate of 80 percent in the process of restoring the ability of the patients to walk by using the 3D implants from the human cells.

The scientists has also transformed the tissue samples of the patients into the function spinal cord implants through a similar process to the development of the spinal cord in the embryos of the humans.

In the next few years, the researchers are also hoping for being able to create the personalised implants for the purpose of repairing the tissue of the body that has been damaged by an injury, which does not carry any risk of being reject by the body of the patient.

The clinical trials of the spinal cord implant have not started yet even though the team has been hoping that, they are going to be able to implant the engineered tissue into the people that are paralysed for the purpose of enabling them to walk and stand again.

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Prof. Tal Dvir, who has led the research at the Tel Aviv University’s Sagol Centre for Regenerative Biotechnology said, during the animal trials, the animals had underwent a rapid process of rehabilitation and at the end of which they had been able to walk pretty well.

Swati Jaiswal

Editor/Content Writer