European Union Plans To Toughen Carbon Dioxide Emission Tests for Hybrid Vehicles


According to the sources, the European Union has been considering a move for the purpose of toughening the carbon dioxide emissions testing methods for the purpose of measuring the levels of the carbon dioxide that are emitted by the plug-in hybrid vehicles, which are followed by the criticisms that are resulting up to four times below the emissions of the real world.

The studies that are done by the think-tanks of the environment that has been suggesting that, hybrid vehicles or cars relying on the combustion engines that are around two times as much as the typical results are showing, and this has been because of the plug-in hybrids are actually charged very less and they have also have a shorter range of the pure electric vehicles than the tests generally assumes, and the deviation of the real-world has been even more high for the company cars.

It has also been suggested that, the data has been reading out from the fuel consumption meters and they are very soon going to be incorporated into the carbon dioxide tests, and according to the people that are familiar with the matter, this is going to be providing a more realistic picture of how much plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are relying on the internal combustion engine over the battery, and the testing is going to begin from the year 2025.

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This new method has been backing the increasing consensus among the regulators and the environmental groups, which the plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are not as nature friendly than they are thought.


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