United States Scientists Develop Cheap Covid-19 Test System Based on Smartphone

Healthcare Technology

The scientist at the Santa Barbara along with the University of California have now developed a new novel corona virus testing system that is using the basic lab equipment and a smartphone application, and the scientists have claimed that, the system is giving results as correct as of the standard RT-PCR test, and this corona virus testing system is called as the smart-LAMP and it can possibly be as cheap as 7 dollars.

The new corona virus testing system will require a smartphone along with the Bacticount mobile application and a corona virus test kit as per the reports, and it has also been requiring a saliva of a person that has been placed on the corona virus test kit along with a reactive solution has also added to the system that it can also detect any of the viral RNA that can possibly be present in the sample of the saliva.

The provided sample is then covered with a cardboard box that is having an LED light on the top, and the camera has been pointing at the LED lights and according to the reactions of the colours and it is going to be revealed if the sample that is being testing is corona virus positive or not, and if it has been bright red light the result of the corona virus test in positive.

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The major issue of the corona virus testing system is that, the Baticount app has currently been suiting the Samsung Galaxy S9 Series.

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