RES Submitted Plan for 100-Megawatt Energy Storage Plant in UK

Power & Energy

The company RES has now submitted a planning of the application for around 100 megawatt renewable energy storage project based in the region of north-east of the United Kingdom. This new energy storage facility is going to be having an installed capacity of the 99.9 megawatt of the energy and it is consented is going to be located next to the Spennymoor substation based in County Durham.

The company RES said that, the proposal has also been refined through most of the design iterations based on the information, which has gathered during the survey work of the detailed site, and the plans of the company is also including the measures for the purpose of enhancing the biodiversity through the plantation of the integration of the woodlands and grassland on the spoil bunds, that is going to be offering the food and shelter to wildlife.

Jenna Folkard, development project manager at RES said that, as they have been making the rapid and fast transition for the renewables or low cost, which has been an important that they have also been developing more energy storage capacity on the company’s grid for supporting a system that is more flexible.

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Jenna Folkard also said that, the Spennymoor Energy Storage Project is going to be having an installed capacity of the 99.9 megawatt, that has been making it one of the company’s largest developments for dating and it is going to be playing an important part in the net zero target of UK by 2050.


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