BioHeuris and Agldea Partnered to Launch a Joint platform for Agile Breeding Services


Agldea, a company in the services of applied research with the company’s headquarters in the regions including Pergamino, in Buenos Aires in Argentina, Missouri in USA, and Uruguay and the company ‘BioHeuris’, which has been a biotechnology startup company developing the integrated solutions for crop management through the process if gene editing and synthetic biology based in US and Argentina has partnered for the purpose of providing a novel line of the services for the seed companies.

The services of the companies is going to be combining in a single platform including the rapid advancement of the generations of the crop, and the precise and quick development of the improved varieties through the genome editing and also doubling the haploid tools.

According to the partnership, this platform is going to be allowing the seed companies along with the research institutions for the purpose of accelerating the breeding of the new crop varieties, along with increasing the speed of the access to the markets, along with increasing the precision and decreasing the regulatory costs.

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Gonzalo Grigera, chief executive officer of Agldea said, with the conventional breeding and doubling the haploid services of the company in the platform of the United States and Argentina has already been mature and the company Double Haploid program raised and running, and it had been the time for the purpose of taking this new step.

Lucas Lieber, chief executive of BioHeuris said, before the optimization the company’s first plant genes along with the BioHeuris artificial evolution technology, and they have also realized the potential of the creation of a gene editing the powerhouse for running up any commercial variety with Agldea in the record time.

Swati Jaiswal

Editor/Content Writer