Nokia and BT Launched Open RAN Trial in United Kingdom


With the company ‘Nokia’, the company ‘BT’ has been demonstrating the commitment to the Open Radio Access Network (RAN) technology by following trial in Hull, which has been a city in the north eastern region of the United Kingdom.

The company ‘BT’ is going to be installing the Ran Intelligent Controller (RIC) of Nokia for the Open RAN Technology across the number of the sites for the purpose of optimizing the performance of the network for the customers of the company companies mobile network.

BT has also committed for making sustainable investment in all the technologies that has been delivering the best customers experience possible, which has also been including the usage of the Open architecture, wherever the performance of the network can possibly be enhanced.

Along with this trial, the company is also opening a dedicated innovation center of the Open RAN technology at the company’s facility based in the Adastral Park in the year 2022, and this innovation center is going to be providing opportunities for all the small and large vendors for the purpose of developing and proving their equipment and also providing a platform for the progress of the open architecture across all the elements of the network.

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Neil McRae, chief architect at BT said that, the Open RAN trial of the company with Nokia has been one of the many investments, which the company has been making for the purpose of boosting the performance of the company’s 4G and 5G EE network along with delivering a better service to the customers of the company.

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