Bimbo Bakeries USA Joins Green Power Partnership of US Environmental Protection Agency

Power & Energy

The company ‘Bimbo Bakeries, Inc.’ has announced that, it has recently joined the Green Power Partnership of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States. The Green Power Partnership, which has been a voluntary program with more than 1,700 partner organizations, along with encouraging the companies for using the green power for decreasing the environmental impacts that has been associated with the use of the conventional electricity.

The Bimbo Bakeries USA has been using around 418 million kWh of the green power or electricity every year, which has been enough green power for the purpose of meeting around 100 percent of the electricity use in the organization, and the company has been forty first on the National Top 100 list of the Environmental Protection Agency of the biggest user of green power from the Green Power Partnership.

Ramon Rivera, senior vice president of operations at bimbo Bakeries USA said, as the biggest commercial bakery in the United States, and they also know how important it has been for becoming a leader in the practices of sustainability, and they are very honored and proud for joining the Green Power Partnership of the Environment Protection Agency of US as they have been working for further decrease the company’s emissions footprint of the organization.

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James Critchfield, program manager of Green Power Partnership of US EPA said, the EPA of the United States has been applauding the leading organizations in the top partner rankings of the Green Power Partnership for the notable commitment for expanding their use of the green energy along with protection of the environment.


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