Vodafone UK To Begin 3G Shutdown From 2023


The company ‘Vodafone UK’ has confirmed that, the company is planning to start closing down the company’s legacy 3G network from the year 2023, which has been a move that is aiming for improving the performance of the company’s 5G and 4G networks along with the supporting the ambitions of the open RAN (radio access network).

The MNO (Mobile Network Operator) said that, shutting down the 3G network has been forming a part of the modernization program for the purpose of improving the experience of 4G and 5G networks for all the customers.

The company has now started a campaign of around a year and around 500 billion minutes of calls has been an important part of the strategy of Vodafone for giving the customers, the most reliable network experience, and lesser than 4 percent of the data that has been used on the network of Vodafone travels on 3G network as compared to over 30 percent in the year 2016.

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Ahmed Essam, chief executive officer of Vodafone said that, the 3G network has been successfully connected so many customers over the past 17 years, but the future has been the 4G and 5G network, and the company has also pointed out that, the 5G networks have been over ten times as energy efficient as the old equipment of 3G networks.

The company ‘Vodafone 3G’ has also acknowledged that, the government of the United Kingdom is going to be much easier for the purpose of phasing out than the 2G Network, which might be needed for the roaming services in the decade of 2030s.