Britishvolt Partnered with UKBIC to Develop High-Nickel EV Batteries


Britishvolt, an electric vehicle (EV) battery start-up company said that, the company has now signed an agreement with a research facility that is backed by the government of the United Kingdom for the purpose of developing the batteries along the content of high nickel and more energy-dense materials as the company has been gearing up for the mass production.

The demand for the nickel is also expected for increasing more than the upcoming decade as the electric vehicles has been going mainstream, and the nickel has also been bolstering the energy storage in a cathode battery, which in turn has been extending the range of the electric vehicles.

The automobile industry has also been scrambling for the purpose of boosting the range of the electric vehicles along with the large investments in the research into more batteries that are energy-dense.

The company ‘Britishvolt’ said that, it has now reached a multi-million pound agreement for the time period of two years with the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UKBIC) for the purpose of developing and also assembling the company’s next generation of the sample battery cells for the purpose of commercialisation and mass number of the production.

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The UKBIC has been facility funded by the government of the United Kingdom that has been formed for helping the automobile industry of the United Kingdom bringing the new battery technologies to the market.

The company ‘Britishvolt’ said that, it had now secured backing of the government of the United Kingdom for the company’s planned battery plant in the northern region of UK.


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