IonQ and Hyundai Use Quantum Computing To Simulate Chemical Reactions of EV Battery


The Hyundai Motor Company has now partnered with the IonQ, which has been a company known for the trapped-ion quantum processors. This partnership comes after the companies including Hyundai and Kia both became the strategic investors in the IonQ as a part of the acquisition of the company merger that has been responsible for enabling IonQ for becoming a company traded publicly.

A statement from both the companies has been describing the partnership as an effort for the purpose of developing the new algorithms of the variational quantum eigensolver for the purpose of studying the lithium compounds along with the chemical reactions that are involved in the battery developing chemistry.

This is also involving the creation of the most advanced model of the battery chemistry which is yet to be developed on the quantum computers, and it has been measured by the number of the qubits and also the quantum gates.

TaeWon Lim, executive VP and head of materials research and engineering center at Hyundai Motor Group said that, this partnership between Hyundai and ionQ has been expected for providing the innovation in the development of the basic materials in the virtual space for the different parts of the mobility in the future.

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He also said that, they are very excited for entering into the forthcoming ear of quantum technology along with taking the advantage of the opportunities that is awaiting with more power of the effective battery.

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