International Airlines Cancels Several US Flights Amid 5G Uncertainty


The major international airlines across the world have been scrambling for the modification or cancelling the flights to the United States amid the uncertainty about the potential interference between the new 5G services of cell phone along with the critical technologies of airplane.

The international airlines such as Air India, Emirates, Japan Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, and All Nippon Airways has all announced the changes to some flights to the United States that has been citing the problem.

The Emirates also said that, it is going to be suspending the flights into the nine airports of the United States and the airlines said that, they are now working closely with the manufacturers of the aircraft and the relevant authorities for the purpose of alleviating the operational concerns and they are also hoping for resuming their services as soon as possible in the United States.

The company ‘Air India’ also said that, it is going to be suspending the service between San Francisco, JFK and Chicago from Delhi, and the company is also going to be suspending a flight from Newark flight from Mumbai and it is also going to continue to fly in the Washington Dulles.

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Japan Airlines and ANA also said that, they have also cancelled several flights to the United States that are scheduled for the purpose of using the Boeing 777 aircraft but they will be using several flights by using the Boeing 787 instead.


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