Rimac Technology to Develop Electric Vehicle Technology as a Standalone Company


The company ‘Rimac Technology’ is going to be expanding the operations of the company in the production, development and engineering of the high performance battery systems, and the company is also going to be developing the electronic systems along with the electric drive united and also the components using the user interface.

The company is also going to be having the capability for the purpose of producing the tens of thousands systems of high performance per annum by the year 2024 and beyond that, is eventually going to be scaling up to the hundreds of thousands of systems.

Rimac Technology also said that, the output of the company is also going to be ranging from the small hybrid battery systems starting from the small hybrid battery systems to the complete rollout and the company has also been pointing at the potential for the simultaneously involving with the large low-volume company and manufacturers across the globe.

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As the own entity, the Rimac Technology is going to be free from any of the potentially restricting the oversight from the several other manufacturers, and the company also said that, they can technically collaborating with any of the other company.

Mate Rimac, CEO and Founder of Rimac Technology said that, separation of the technology business into the own entity of the company has been a natural step as the focus of the two markets including the components and hypercars that are completely different.

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