UK Government Launches New Schemes For Technologies Used To Produce Hydrogen from Biomass

Chemicals Technology

On Wednesday, 12th January 2022, the government of the United Kingdom has launched a new programme for the purpose of providing help for developing the innovative technologies for the production of the hydrogen from the sustainable waste and biomass.

The new Hydrogen BECCS (bioenergy with carbon capture and storage) Innovation Programme, which has been funded with 5 million pounds, is going to be supporting the development of the technologies used for the production of the hydrogen through the BECCS. The process of the BECCS has been producing the hydrogen from the waste and biomass, along with the ability for capturing and storing the carbon that has been released during the production process.

The BECCS technology has been uniquely offering the ability for removing the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as the carbon dioxide, which is absorbed during the growth of the sustainable biomass and the organic content that has been found in the sustainable waste, which then can be removed permanently from the atmosphere by using the hydrogen capture technologies.

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The hydrogen BECCS technologies have been playing an important role on the path of the United Kingdom to the net zero carbon emissions, along with providing the hydrogen as a clean energy fuel for the industries hard-to-decarbonise like the transport industry and heavy industry and also removing the greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Greg Hands, energy and climate minister of the United Kingdom said that, this innovative technology has also been offering the incredible potential for removing the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which has been very crucial for reaching the goals of net zero target.