Blackstone to Invest $3-billion in Invenergy Renewables Holdings of North America

Power & Energy

The company Blackstone Inc., is going to be investing around 3 billion dollars in the Invenergy Renewables Holdings LLC, which is the largest private renewable energy company in the region of North America, and this investment of the company ‘Blackstone’ is going to be providing the capital for the purpose of accelerating the renewables development activities of Invenergy.

The Invenergy Renewables has been one of the most respected and biggest renewable energy developing company, along with more than 175 projects that have been totalling around 25,000 megawatts of the energy developed across the four continents. The renewable energy generation projects had been developed by the company power, which has been equivalent of 8.5 million homes across the world.

Sean Klimczak, head of infrastructure at Blackstone said, the company ‘Blackstone’ has now been committed for investing behind the transition of the energy and Invenergy has been the most clear and independent leader in the sector of renewable energy, and they are now looking forward to a long-term partnership along with the Invenergy and they are very excited for investing to provide support to the accelerated clean energy portfolio of Invenergy.

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Jim Murphy, corporate business leader and president at Invenergy said, the team of Invenergy has been very pleased for welcoming the Blackstone, which has been a leader in the renewable investment space as their partner, and they have been greatly valuing their long-term relationship with the company and they are very thrilled for continuing to accelerate the clean energy transition with the capabilities and investment of Blackstone.


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