Hybrid Electric vehicles Sales Hits Record High Across US


According to the industry data, the fully electric vehicles have been making all the headlines, but the electric and gasoline hybrid electric vehicles of the companies have silently achieved record number of sales across the United States in the year 2021.

As the companies including Tesla and Ford Motors has been pushing for the sales of the electric vehicle, the automobile companies of Asia has successfully boosted the line-up of the hybrid vehicle as many of the customers are still shunning the electric vehicles because of the high prices, along with the range of limited driving and also lack of the charging stations.

The sales of the hybrid electric vehicles in the United States have been increased by 76 percent, which is 801,550 vehicles in the year 2021 that has been accounting for 5 percent of the sales of light vehicles across the United States, and the sales of the fully electric vehicles have been increased by 83 percent in the year 2021.

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The Toyota Motor Corp. has successfully has successfully achieved record number of hybrid car sales in the United States market, which had been helpful for overtaking the General Motors of the United States as the top-selling automobile company in the United States.

Brett Smith, technology director at the Center for the Automotive Research of US said that, the hybrid vehicles have been offering a really intriguing mix of the fuel economy performance without several of the big drawbacks which are presented by the electric vehicles.


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