France Fines Facebook and Google For Privacy Violations


The regulators of France have now fined the technology giants of the United States including Facebook and Google with a combined amount of 238 million dollars for allegedly violating the privacy laws of Europe by not allowing the European user the chance for rejecting the cookies used for data tracking.

It has been latest storm in the fight of the regulators in the fight against the big technology companies, and out of the top technology companies, some companies are also playing fast and loose with the laws of the privacy and are also cutting out the other business with the fees of the app store.

On Thursday, 6th January 2022, the CNIL, agency of the government of France that regulates the use of the personal data of the technology companies, which has also announced the fines said that, the company ‘Google’ had been hitting with a penalty of 170 million dollars and the company ‘Facebook’ is also going to be forced for surrendering 68 million dollars.

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The CNIL also said that, the company Facebook, Google and YouTube owned by Google has also been offering a button that has been allowing the user for immediately accepting the cookies, but several clicks have also been required for refusing all the cookies tracking the usage with a single one for accepting them.

The agency has also determined that, this process has also been affecting the freedom of the consent since the users cannot be refusing the cookies as easy as the users can possibly accept them.

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