Report: AR/VR Headset of Apple To Feature Three Displays


According to a report, the AR/VR headset of Apple, which has been set for launch in 2022 is going to be equipped with the three displays. The display configuration of the headset is going to be including two micro OLED displays along with of panel of AMOLED, and with Sony, which is all set to supply the micro OLED displays, which the company ‘Apple’ is going to be using, and the Micro OLED displays are going to be the main displays for the headset, but it has not known that what the AMOLED display is going to be used for yet.

The Modern VR Headset does not use the AMOLED technology because the density of the pixels has been too low, which is why it has been possible that, Apple is going to be adding it for the low-resolution peripheral vision.

The company ‘Sony’ has recently showing off a display of 4K with the 4000 pixels per inch, which has been designed for using it with the VR headsets, and the report has also been suggesting that, it has been possible that, Sony has developed the display specifically for the company ‘Apple’.

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If Apple has indeed using the new technology of Sony, which has been an assumed array of 4000 x 4000 pixels that has been indicating the display for the AR/VR headset is going to be measuring in 1.4 inches diagonally. This kind of the advanced configuration of display is going to be coming at a very high price.

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