Chevrolet Reveals its Electric Pickup Truck ‘Silverado’ in US


On Wednesday, 5th January 2022, the company ‘Chevrolet’ has now revealed a new front in the Truck business, which has been vowing its electric Silverado electric vehicle pickup is going to be beating the F-150 Lightning of the company ‘Ford’ on a host of the key performance metric, that has also been including the towing capacity, driving range, passenger space and power.

Mary Barra, chief executive officer of General Motors has revealed the Silverado electric vehicle that has been scheduled for going on the sale in the second quarter of the year 2023, and she also said that, the company ‘General Motors’ has also been planning for streaming the address.

Steve Majoros, vice president of marketing at Chevrolet said that, the company’s Silverado electric vehicle is going to debut as a model of 2024 along with the prices that has been starting at a price of 39,900 dollars, and the full size pickup trucks are the selling vehicles of the automobile companies of the United States, along with generating billions of dollar in the profits of the company annually.

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The company are also among the most technically challenging vehicles for electrify, and the owners of the pickup trucks are also expected for being able for towing the heavy trailers and also hauling the long distances of the cargo, which has been frequently including the fields and the muddy worksites.


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