US CDC Says, Omicron Variant Expected to be 95.4% of Covid-19 Variants in US


According to an updated estimate published by the US CDC, the new Omicron covid-19 variant has been making up around 95.4 percent of the new novel corona virus cases in the United States, and only two regions of the United States including the New England and part of the Midwest, which have yet to reach 90 percent locally, and the Delta variant of the Novel corona virus, which had been the dominant strain until few weeks, that has been making up around all the other cases of the corona virus in the country.

Previously the estimates of the US CDC has been showing the Omicron variant has been spreading rapidly, but with the labs in the several states of the country has been still working on the sequencing of the country’s first outbreaks of the covid-19 variant, and the precise numbers had been very hard for pinning down.

Although, the officials of the US CDC have also said that, the agency has also been working for refining the projections of the US CDC for the growth of the covid-19 variant as more labs have been sequencing the new Omicron covid-19 cases. The US CDC has also been collecting the data from the local and commercial public health laboratories as well as from the own contractors of the US CDC for the purpose of tracking the variants in the United States along with producing the estimates of the US CDC.


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