Omicron Variant Increase Causes Shortage of Healthcare Staff in UK


The providers of healthcare in the United Kingdom have now been struggling with the staffing numbers because of the rapid spread of the new Omicron covid-19 variant of the novel corona virus.

Boris Johnson, prime minister of the United Kingdom said that, the National Health Service is going to be facing some considerable pressure in the upcoming weeks, and Boris Johnson has also pledged for the purpose of making sure that, they are going to be looking after their NHS which they can, and he also added that, it is going to be absolute folly for thinking that the covid-19 pandemic had been all over.

The ambulance service of the region of Yorkshire said that, the challenge, which has been adding the challenge of the absence related to the novel corona virus among the staff that is having a significant impact on their frontline operations. A hospital in the region of Swansea in Wales has also reported that, it can possibly provide a limited service at the hospital’s emergency department due to the shortages of the staff.

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Boris Johnson said that, he is going to be appreciating the pressures, which their hospitals are under, and he also think that, it has been vital that they are going to be making sure that, they will be helping them by trying to contain the novel corona virus pandemic in the way which the government of the United Kingdom has set out.

Around 50,000 staff of the NHS UK had been reportedly absent from the work because they are going to be sick or they are self-isolating because of the corona virus.


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