UK Scientist, Omicron Variant Is Not Same As Earlier Covid-19 Variants


John Bell, professor of medicine at the University of Oxford and life sciences advisor of the government of United Kingdom said, the devastating scenes of the corona virus have been seen in the past corona virus waves have now been history, and he has also analysed the data from the United kingdom, where the cases had been breaking the hospitalizations and have been at the highest since the month of March 2021.

John Bell said that, the number of the people, who are in the ICUs that have not been vaccinated, and the incidence of the serious disease and death from the novel corona virus has basically not been changed since they all get their vaccinations and which has been really important to remember.

John Bell also said that, these dangerous scenes of the novel corona virus, which they have seen in the year 2020, and the intensive care units being full, and there lots of people have been dying prematurely, which has now become history in his view and he thinks that, they should also be reassured that has likely been to continue.

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Discussing the new Omicron corona virus variant, he also said that, the novel corona virus has been appearing to be less serious, and most of the people have spent short time relatively in the hospital, and the people in the country does not need high flow of the oxygen, along with the average length of the stay, which has been three days apparently, and this has not been the same disease as they had seen in 2020.


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