Shell Gets Approval for its New Offshore Wind Energy Turbines Off New England

Power & Energy

A joint venture of offshore wind formed by the Royal Dutch Shell and the Ocean Winds North America has successfully got the approval for building more number of offshore wind energy turbines off the coast of New England, which has been estimated for generating around 400 megawatts of energy.

Shell said that, the new wind turbines, which has been a part of the project called as Mayflower, is going to be providing renewable energy to the three biggest utilities based in Massachusetts, and the energy that has been produced by the latest approved turbines can also produce enough energy for the purpose of powering over half million homes and businesses every day.

The announcement has come days after the energy company said that, it has been planning to acquire Savion, a solar energy and battery storage company by the end of the year, and the company ‘Savion’ based in Kansas City is having over 100 projects under development in across the 26 states of the United States that are capable of producing 18,000 megawatts of renewable power.

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Wael Sawan, director of Integrated Gas and Renewables & Energy Solutions at Shell said, this week has been very significant for their company and the businesses of the renewable energy, and he also announced that, a substantial expansion of the company’s solar portfolio across the globe along with the offshore wind energy contract has been showcasing the progress of the company to the technologies and low-carbon assets.


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