Study: UK Shoppers Shunning Plastic Bags To Save Pennies But Not Planet


A study conducted on more than 10,000 consumers or shoppers in the United Kingdom has found that, the shoppers have been shunning the plastic bags of single use for the purpose of saving the pennies other than saving the planet. The research has been conducted by the N/LAB analytics centre of excellence of the Nottingham University, and it is suggesting that, the large decrease in the use of the plastic bags in the United Kingdom might have a little to do with the concerns of the shoppers of consumers for the climate and environment.

The researchers of the study has found that, the plastic bags are more likely to be purchased by the younger people, which are often male and whose concerns for the environment does not affect the decisions of the people for buying the plastic bags or not.

The findings of the study has been emerged with the consumption of the plastic bag at the annual peak during the festival period in spite of all the retailers in the United Kingdom that is being legally required for charging 10 penny per bag.

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Dr James Goulding, associate director at N/LAB and co-author of the study said that, till now, they had very less information about the people, who regularly purchase the single use plastic bags in the country, and he also said that, the past research has been tending them for focusing on the personalities or the motivation of the consumers mainly on the beliefs of the people that actually motivate them for action in the real world.


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