UK: Telent Acquires the Harlequin Group


The company ‘Telent’ has now announced that, the company has acquired the Harlequin Group, which is a specialist technology services company, and complementing the existing business operations of the company ‘Telent’, building the telecom infrastructure for the service providers and mobile network operators (MNO), this purchase has been significantly enhancing the capability of the professional services in the design arena and site acquisition of the company.

Jo Gretton, chief executive officer of Telent said that, the company is having an established and successful business supporting the mobile network operators (MNO) of the United Kingdom along with the deployment of the networks of the company and the base station infrastructure, and with the strong background of the company in the deployment of the wireless network, and the main area of focus of the company has been more on the construction activity.

He also said that, this addition of the acquisition of the site, along with the capability of design and planning which the team at the Harlequin will be bringing to the company ‘Telent’ has been enabling them to provide a complete proposition for the MNO market of UK.

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David Summers, founder and managing director of Harlequin Group said that, the company ‘Telent’ has been recognized as one of the leading company for building both mobile and fixed telecoms infrastructure, and the reach and scale that, the company has been offering combined with the expertise of the Harlequin Group is going to offer a powerful proposition of the mobile network operators.

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