UK Study, Omicron Covid-19 Cases Much Likely To Need Hospitalization


On Thursday, 23rd December 2021, the public health agency of the United Kingdom said, according to a study, the people affected from the new Omicron covid-19 variant of the novel corona virus are 50 percent to 70 percent less likely need the hospitalization than the people, who had been affected by the Delta covid-19 variant.

According to the findings from the Health Security Agency of the United Kingdom, the Omicron covid-29 variant mainly produces mild symptoms than the other corona virus variant, but it also rapidly and also evades the corona virus vaccines.

The public health agency of the United Kingdom also said, based on the Omicron variant cases in the country, an individual infected from the Omicron variant has been estimated to be around 31 percent to 45 percent less likely to visit the emergency department of the hospitals as compared to one with the delta corona virus variant.

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The scientists of the country said that, the analysis of the data has been largely uncertain because of the small number of the Omicron covid-19 patients in the hospitals and the fact is that, most of the patients had been in the young age groups. The scientists of the United Kingdom has also cautioned that, any of the decrease in the seriousness need to be weighed against the fact that, the Omicron covid-19 variant has been spreading more fast than the delta covid-19 variant and has been more able to evade the corona virus vaccines.


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