Enel Began Operating Two New Projects in US

Power & Energy

The renewable energy company ‘Enel Green Power North America’ has started the operation of the two new renewable energy projects, which is also including the company’s first renewables-plus-storage hybrid scheme.

The 181MW Lily solar energy plus project, which has been located in the eastern region of Dallas, Texas, US and it has also been the first hybrid project of the company in the region of North America, which has been integrating a plant of the renewable energy along with the utility-scale battery storage.

The project has also been including the 55 megawatt storage, which has been a part of the installation of Enel of around 600 megawatt of the new energy storage capacity on the power grid of Texas by the year 2022, and the company has also staretd the operations of the 140 MW Rockhaven wind energy farm in the region of Oklahoma.

The new additions of the energy farms come as the company has been embarking on the accelerated growth plan that has been involving the additions of the 6.5 gigawatts of the new renewable energy capacity and also the 1.4 gigawatts of the renewable energy storage over the upcoming three years.

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Paolo Romanacci, head of Enel Green Power for Canada and the United States said that, this milestone has also been signalling a new ear for their company as they have started delivering on their major commitment to battery storage of grid-scale in the United States, and he also said that, by pairing the renewable energy along with the storage technology as they are going to support a more clean and flexible grid.


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