US Study: Antiseizure Medication Linked to Lower Levels of Vitamin D


According to a study, the treatment with the antiseizure medication (ASM) carbamazepine has been related to a decrease in the levels of Vitamin D, and the findings has also been supporting the use of the alternative antizeizure medications as the first-line agents, and the researchers has also been strongly considering the supplementation of vitamin D for the patients, who had been prescribed the carbamazepine.

There have also been concerns related to the impact of the antiseizure medications of inducing-enzymes on the vitamin D, which has been an important molecule in both pathways of bone metabolism and inflammation. Even though, there have been the studies have been evaluating the relationship between the chronic use of the carbamazepine and the levels of vitamin D, and there has been no availability of the comprehensive review for the purpose of comprehensive review for informing the policymakers and practitioners.

The researchers of the study said, the measured the levels of 250HD in the persons on the carbamazepine monotherapy groups and the controls, and the researchers have identified that, the persons taking the carbamazepine had been significantly reduced the levels of 250HD than the people, who are not taking the carbamazepine.

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According to the study, the average 250HD levels of the patients treated by the carbamazepine across all the studies had been 21.8 ng/mL whereas the 250HD levels of the control subject had been 28.0 ng/mL, and the weighted difference of the means had been 4.00 ng/mL of the 250HD levels.


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