Sembcorp to Build 360MW Battery Energy Storage System in UK


The company Sembcorp Energy UK (SEUK) has introduced the new plans for the purpose of building the largest battery energy storage system in the United Kingdom, and it is going to be the largest in the continent of Europe, which is going to have a capacity of the 360 Megawatts.

The Sembcorp Energy UK has been intending to build the battery storage system at the site of the company, which is located at Wilton International on the Teesside, and at this site, the company is also having the available land and the connections that are ready for the purpose of enabling the instalment of the batteries, that are going to be built in the tranches.

The company is operating 70 megawatts of batteries, along with a further 50 megawatts that are already in the pipeline and are scheduled to come in operation in the year 2022. As being one of the biggest battery portfolios in the United Kingdom, the units of the plant can possibly supply power along with several other services to the national grid in just a matter of milliseconds, and such kind of a rapid response time has been crucial for the purpose of maintaining a stable and secure energy system, which is going to be aiding the low-carbon transition of the United Kingdom.

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Andy Kross, chief executive of Sembcorp Industries UK and Middle East said, the Sembcorp Energy UK has been committed for accelerating the transition of the energy along with the sustainable solutions like the batteries.


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